Unsigned Hype Showcase Recap

By David Cordova

The Unsigned Hype Showcase, which took place today at Hostos Community College in the Bronx was nothing short of spectacular. It was an event in which near 50 high school seniors were given the chance to showcase their skills in front of junior college coaches in the hopes of receiving a college scholarship.

Many of the city’s brightest players from the CHSAA and the PSAL were on display.  There were many significant players in the two games that were played. In Game #1, the White team emerged victorious with a 94-89 win over the Blue team.  Joshua Primus of Abraham Lincoln won MVP honors with 18 points and 9 rebounds. In the second game, the White team came away with an 84-83 win over the Blue team. Ezekiel Charles, another senior from Abraham Lincoln, won MVP honors with 23 points and 7 rebounds.

Many players stood out in many ways on the court today:

Game 1

Jason Primus, Abraham Lincoln – Great shooter.

Anthony Cadogan, Boys & Girls – Athletic and can shoot.

Dontel Henry, Brooklyn Collegiate – Terrific shooter.

Jaquan Strong, Eagle Academy – Small in frame, but big in terms of heart. He was an efficient scorer and was able to take contact in the lane.

Jordan Coleson, Thomas Jefferson – Great low-post player.  Was able to take contact and was an efficient rebounder.

Armando Dunn, Cardozo – Good rebounder and was able to finish above the rim.

Efrain DeJesus, Wings Academy – A guard that can score and also shoot from three-point range.

Rich Ross, St. Raymond’s – Great rebounder, is a hard-worker  and hustles on both ends of the floor.

David Ivanov, Abraham Lincoln – Intense defender and was able to set up teammates to score.

Justin Bogle, Westinghouse – A  long guard that is a dead-eye shooter.

Game 2 Notes:

Emile Lewis, WHEELS – Athletic, deceptively quick on both ends of the floor, can shoot from all parts of the floor.

Jamie Killings, Boys & Girls -Efficient shooter and a good rebounder.

Jaquan Angevine, Acorn – A guard that was able to penetrate into the lane.

Jerry Mejia, Washington Irving – Lightning-fast & has no problem getting the ball into the basket.

Jeffrey Otchere, Columbus – Solid big man that can finish above the  rim.

Davere Creighton, Thomas Jefferson – Solid rebounder, a power forward that can also step out and shoot.

Samuel Idowu, Lafayette – Was able to get into the paint and score as well as shoot.

Randy Corporan, Wings Academy – A floor general that knows how to set up assists for teammates and is the consumate point guard that also knows when to score.

Jaquan McKennon, Thomas Jefferson – Natural scorer that has playmaking ability.

Jaequan Brown, Wings Academy – A guard that can find his way to the basket.

Ryan Preston, South Shore – Good rebounder that knows how to finish around the basket.

Greg Poleon, Abraham Lincoln – A good shooter and rebounder.

Ezekiel Charles, Abraham Lincoln – A scorer that knows how to take over a game.

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