Nate Blue Showcase 2015 Recap

By David Cordova

The 2015 Nate Blue Showcase, which was held at Westinghouse High School in Brooklyn, was a magnificent event all-around. The event brought out many college coaches and featured 50 hopefuls that were on display to showcase their talents in the hope of landing a college scholarship.

In the first game, Team Dominic Murray won in overtime, 100-98, over Team Rasheem King. Habib Guye of Holcombe L. Rucker HS in the Bronx, won MVP honors with 13 points & 12 rebounds. Justyn Delaney of Mount Vernon led the black team with 27 points & Elijah Bailey of Long Island Lutheran chipped in with 24 points.

In the second game, Team Moe Harkless won 100-76 over Team Charlie Villanueva. Jerry Mejia of Sound Doctrine Christian Academy in Georgia & Chuba Ohams of Wadleigh HS in Harlem, both won co-MVP honors with 22 points apiece.

Below are the scouting reports on the most outstanding players from the event:

Game 1:

Richard Knowlin, Westinghouse HS – Aggressive to the basket.
Cheyenne Nettleton, South Shore HS – Knows how to set up teammates.
Angel Malave, Wadleigh HS – Knows how to pass & move without the ball. Good rebounder.
Elijah Bailey, Long Island Lutheran- Pure shooter & is athletic. Knows how to score in transition.
Rudy Collins, Forest Hills HS – Tough rebounder. Knows how to take contact.
Raykwon Fenton, Holcombe L. Rucker HS – Pure shooter.
Sean Delaney, Kennedy Catholic HS – great passer, knows how to set players up for baskets.
Kieran Hamilton, Williston Northampton – Efficient shooter.
Game 2
Chuba Ohams, Wadleigh HS – Solid shooter. Able to bang into the lane & can handle physical contact.
Kyle Brown, Norman Thomas HS – long forward that can get to the basket easily. Also capable of making shots from 15 feet or better.
Elijah McNeely, Cardozo HS – Efficient floor general. Knows how to run a team.
Ezekiel Charles – Long-range shooter.
Jerry Mejia, Sound Doctrine Christian Academy – Lightning-quick & fearless when going to the basket.
Chris Myers – Great ball handler.

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