Mucius Attracting National Attention

By David Cordova

In the class of 2018, there are plenty of talented players that are trying to make an impact as high school sophomores. You have the all-city standouts from the five boroughs and also the players from Long Island and Westchester County. And also there are those players from these same areas that attend prep schools.

There is one player that is rising to prominence. He is Isaiah Mucius. The 6-8 forward from Long Island, attends St. James School in Maryland. But he is on pace to be a major recruit in his class. He is a versatile forward that has plenty of guard skills and is also able to shoot as well as display plenty of his athletic skills.

When asked about his experience at prep school, Mucius replied, “It’s been great, it’s definitely from your local private school, you’re with your teammates 24/7, you have more time to work on academics and also be in the gym with your coaches. The transition to St. James has been a great one.”

When asked how PSA has impacted him, he replied, “They have made a huge difference, from my eighth grade year, me not being able to handle the ball as much to now, being in my sophomore year, where I can handle the rock, grab it off the rim and go, strength-wise, they’ve helped me with my agility, core strength and just getting me stronger overall. It’s been a great year with them and I’m looking forward to more continued success.”

At the present time, Mucius holds offers from Wake Forest, local power St. John’s and Penn State, as well interest from schools such as Villanova, Maryland, UConn, and Temple and Michigan. “My college recruitment is going great. Now, it’s just about buckling down with my academics, and everything will come from there,” Mucius says.

Just recently, he has received invites to two prestigious showcases, the Pangos All-American Camp, which just recently took place this past weekend, in Norwalk, California, and the Nike Elite 100 in St. Louis, which will take place this month. While at Pangos, he put on a strong performance, which earned him a spot in the Top 60 Cream of the Crop  game.

Another feat that the young Mucius has accomplished is moving up in the rankings, being selected as high as No. 24 by “It feels great,” he says. “I’ve worked so hard to get where I’m at and I’m trying to get even higher.”
As Mucius continues to improve and get stronger, there is no doubt that he will emerge as a top recruit around the country. Although he does not attend school in his home state, he definitely has a New York-style game. The future is bright for the young forward. “I can’t predict the future, but for me, it’s going to be something good to watch. If I stay in the gym and stay on my academics everything will be great.”

Highlights of Isaiah Mucius:

Courtesy of ArtStewdioSports

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