Adidas Uprising All-American Camp Interview With Matthew Moyer

By David Cordova

This weekend in Brookville, NY, many of the country’s finest high schoolers have gathered to compete in front of college coaches at the inaugural Adidas Uprising All-American Camp. Many of these kids have big names but some of them are unsung, meaning that they are under the radar and are there to make statements through their game and establish their reputation.

There is one kid that has been through both sides of the fence and is now flourishing among the nation’s best. That kid’s name is Matthew Moyer. The rising senior from Gahanna, Ohio has risen from obscurity in the past year and is now one of the top 100 players in the Class of 2016.

He is a good passer and has nice ballhandling skills. He isn’t afraid of contact when getting to the lane and is very athletic when getting to the rim. He led his high school, Lincoln, to a 22-4 record this season. He has verbally committed to Syracuse University to play for the legendary Jim Boeheim. For the upcoming school year, Moyer will be transferring to South Kent Prep in Connecticut, where he will be playing a national schedule against big-time competition. Wherever he goes, he will make a huge impact. The sky is the limit for the future Syracuse Orangemen.

Here’s the Q&A with the man himself, Matthew Moyer:

When did you first start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was 6 years old.

When did you first start taking the game of basketball serious?

When I was a freshman in high school, I realized that I could do something special with the game, so I stuck with it.

What is the basketball culture like in the state of Ohio?

It’s very fun, the competition is underrated compared to other places such as California, Texas and New York. Ohio is definitely a place that has good basketball.

Describe your time at Gahannas Lincoln & what made you decide to transfer to South Kent Prep?

It was great. I enjoyed my time at Gahannas, that was my hometown school. It was a great experience and I will miss it dearly. But I felt that the situation at South Kent is even greater. I need to further my game for college and I would like to develop more into an all-around player.

How does it feel being invited to a prestigious event such as the Adidas Uprising All-American Camp?

It’s a great experience. I’m blessed to be here, coming from where I came from being unranked. Without the Lord, Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be here.

What made you decide to attend Syracuse?

I felt like the staff will help me improve as a player. I’m happy to have gotten a scholarship from a legend such as Jim Boeheim. I feel like Syracuse is the best place for me.

What can we expect from Matthew Moyer in the future?

I’m not one to speak on the future. But you can expect a national championship from Syracuse in 2017-18.

Highlights of Matthew Moyer:

Courtesy of HWBD Hoops.

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